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From The Desk Of: Tagg Hamilton



Dear Friend,


Can you use an extra sixty thousand dollars or more just by running your own seasonal landscaping business?


If you're like most, this amount means a lot to you and your family.


You can finally relax, buy a new car, or even cover your mortgage each month.


Email Me Today!


Your Lifestyle Undergoes A Major Upgrade.


Of course, you've probably thought of starting your own business before.  Only to find-out later that running your own business can be very difficult without the proper tools and training resources.


Crucial pieces of the puzzle are missing.  Your hard work and money is then wasted.


Hi.  My name is Tagg Hamilton and, up until a few years ago, I was a frustrated wannabe small business owner.  I tried several ideas but none were as profitable as I would have liked.


I felt that there is no way somebody without any experience could run a profitable seasonal landscaping business unless they had deep pockets, a patient family and years of training.


This is why one day, I found something new. I started a small landscaping business, made a few mistakes, learned a lot and eventually found myself comfortably making over $100,000 a year! I wanted to share all the knowledge, tips and tricks with my friends and family so they could be successful too!


Landscaping Install Landscaping Business Landscaping Installers

Attention: We are so confident that our Landscaping Business Start-Up Kit is the best you will find on the Internet that we want you to...

Check Out The Competition!

Grass To Cash: $37

How To Start Your Own 6-Figure Landscaping and Lawn Care Business, Get Flooded With Clients, And Make More Money In The Summer Months Than Most People Make All Year!

Start Your Own Lawn Care Business!: $47

The Most Popular Landscaping Business Start-Up Package on The Internet Today. Starting And Running A Fun, Profitable Lawncare And Landscape Business And Becoming A Better Human Being In The Process.

The Ultimate Marketing System For Landscapers: $47

The Complete Marketing System Made Specifically For Landscapers And Green Industry Providers. All-in-one System With Copyright Free Flyers, Postcards, Emails, Newspapers Ads, And Holiday Promotions.

Landscaping Business
Landscaping Business


I Thumbed My Nose At The Bogus Start-Your-Own-Business eBooks and Got Into High-Gear Devising A Business Start-Up Plan That Actually Works For Beginners With NO Experience!

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And guess what?!  Not only did it succeed, but the results surpassed all expectations.


What's more, it's a system anybody can use to make thousands of dollars running a part-time seasonal landscaping business.... even without any technical expertise, start-up investment, or marketing experience.  All you need is a lawn mower and the will to succeed! I teach you the rest! Think of me as your mentor or personal landscaping business start-up coach!


All in all, this landscaping business system has made me over $100,000  after only a few years of being in business.  And you've got to keep in mind that I am no marketing or landscaping expert.  Most would consider my efforts amateur at best!

So, How Exactly Does It Produce Money?


Well, the best part is that you don't have to struggle to dig-up clients and contracts.


I am sharing with you all of my marketing secrets. Where and how to advertise. How to secure the highly sought-after commercial contracts. How to draw up a business plan. I am even including marketing templates for the same signs, business cards, stationary, post cards, website, and ads that I use on a regular basis!


It only takes 3 simple steps to profit:


Landscaping Step 1

Advertise Your Landscaping Service.   You need to let people know that you are offering a valuable service. Use my powerful marketing materials that I provide such as business cards, signs, Google Ads, Flyers, and a Professional Flash Website!

Landscaping Step 2

Complete the job.  I provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to tackle the toughest landscaping jobs. From mowing a lawn to pruning, to laying a new garden bed, to aerating

Landscaping Step 3

Collect Your Sizable Checks.  You can also run an all cash-business if you like and once you have a contract with your clients, they will have you return for consistent business!


What's more, there's no struggling or guesswork to making it work for you. I have already done all the hard work and made the mistakes so you don't have to!



All Of The Nuts and Bolts Are Revealed Inside

An Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Start-Up Kit!



Let me introduce you to, 'Lawn Cash!' - The Ultimate Landscaping Business Start-Up Kit.


Landscaping Box


Lawn Cash reveals all the secrets you need to know to start a successful lawn care or landscaping business today. I have made plenty of mistakes so you don't have to. Think of me as your personal mentor and business partner.



Here Is Why The Lawn Cash System Works:



Look around you! Grass is everywhere! Lawn Care and Landscaping are in HIGH demand!
Very Low Start-Up Costs!
No start up capital or ongoing investment required.  Every step of the system can be put in place for FREE with tools you already own. Over and over again.
Earn up to $500 a day on your own - make even more when you hire employees.
Get paid on the same day – run an all cash business! Creates income fast, with very little or no prior internet lawn care knowledge.
Work outdoors – Enjoy the fresh air. Office workers will envy you because you actually get to enjoy the good weather during the day!
No experience required –You don't need a degree. Anyone can do it!
Make your own schedule – Work as much or as little as you want! Your earning potential is completely up to you!
Use your current automobile & lawnmower– There is no need to buy a new vehicle or new equipment to get started. All you tools and equipment fit in the trunk of you car!
Very low operating costs – It's literally pennies a day! All you need is soap and water!
No expensive training, college degree or diploma required.
No age restrictions –Whether you are sixteen or sixty, this is a business opportunity where age is not a factor!
Enjoy the satisfaction of being your own boss – Why work for someone else when you can make far more money working for yourself!



Here Are The Secrets You Uncover Inside:



How to get your landscaping business started today!
Developing new customers and accounts for your landscaping business.
The best way to approach potential customers and make the sale.
How to determine the products and services that you provide in the operation of your landscaping business.
How to use sub-contractors to do some of the work for you.
How much to charge for your landscaping services and how to determine the pricing structures.
How to analyze the landscaping and lawn care competition to determine the best way to compete in your market area.
The equipment and supplies you will need and website links to help you find those items that are best for your landscaping business.
How to use coupons and discounts to increase the sales and the profits in your landscaping business.
How to determine the products and services that you provide in the operation of your landscaping business.
Customer loyalty and rewards programs for your landscaping business!
How pricing can affect your landscaping business.
Plus, countless more secret strategies to explode your sales you won't find anywhere else!



What's In The Business Kit?

Landscaping BoxTagg Hamilton's

Ultimate Landscaping Business Start-Up Kit
"Your Guide to Landscaping Profits!"


Here's a look at over 100+ pages of important information that you'll receive in my Ultimate Landscaping Business Start-Up Kit:



    FREE Bonus Extras....

Landscaping Supplier ListLandscaping Wholesale Supplier List
($37 Value)

I will give you the secrets to how and where I get my Landscaping and lawn care tools, equipment & supplies from. Who has the highest quality equipment? Who has the best prices? I have included information on companies from the USA, Canada, and the UK.

This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who is serious about making money this season. It has taken me over 7 years to create this list and now I am passing my secrets on to you!



Landscaping Marketing MaterialsMarketing Materials
Package ($800 Value)

Marketing is the most important aspect of the business. How is any one supposed to know you exist unless you advertise? I am giving you the EXACT SAME marketing materials that I use to run my business. Now you can hit the ground running! There is no excuse for failure once you have these marketing materials. I have used these materials to grow my company to the point where I generate over $100,000 in sales every year.

Putting Together an effective marketing campaign is something most landscapers get wrong. I am giving you the EXACT SAME marketing materials that I use! I have paid thousands of dollars to have these marketing pieces created and now they are all yours! I have used these materials to make over $100,000 every year.

This is what you get... 

5 Professional Business Card Templates - These are full color and designed by a professional Graphic Designer. This is a sure-fire way to impress your clients. I am also including the source .PSD files so you can edit them in Adobe Photoshop!
Contractor Agreement for your employees and independent contractors.
Postcards for your mail outs - Full Color & Professional
Customizable Stationary including Fax, envelopes, and letterheads.
2 Sign Templates - A must have for any Landscaping Business! Use them as lawn advertising or to hang on telephone poles around town.
Database Template - This allows you to organize your leads effectively
Business Forms - Estimate, Quote, Fax and Invoice sheets. I will also include my personal customer questionnaire and pricing list.
Professional Website Template - I am including a professionally designed, high quality website template so you can have a web presence and allow customers to search for you on the Internet!


Landscaping Operations Manual

Landscaping Operations Manual ($500 Value)

This is the same Operations Manual that I use to train my employees. No information has been left out! It is jam packed with useful information on supplies and equipment, landscaping and lawn care tips, and customer and employee management.

This literally is the definitive A-Z Guide for running a successful landscaping business. There are 14 chapters of highly useful information which will allow you to get your business up and running today!

I will give you my secrets for customer prospecting and retention. I will give you tips on how to manage your employees effectively. Every piece of information I know has gone into this digital book and start-up package!


Landscaping Upgrades Card

Free Updates ($47 Value)

The Landscaping Industry is constantly changing and there are time-saving techniques which are being discovered all the time. I am now on the second edition of the Landscaping Business Kit and for every subsequent edition, you get absolutely free.

When you purchase this product, you purchase it for life! Every time there is an upgrade or new advertising material of information is added, you receive it. Absolutely free!



Landscaping eBookLandscaping Business Start-Up Kit ($300 Value)

This is solid information that will allow you to start your business immediately and hit the ground running. It took me 7 years to write and now it's all yours!

I have included chapters on hiring employees, knowing your customers and knowing which ones to avoid at all costs. This is the information you NEED to have the confidence to succeed in your very first year!

I explain industry secrets and tricks & tips for getting the high paying commercial contracts!



Study the Landscaping Business Start-Up Kit and apply the principles that I teach. I'm so confident that you will be successful that I am offering a No-Questions-Asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. I will refund every penny if you are not completely satisfied! You have nothing to lose! You owe it to yourself to least try it. It's absolutely risk-free.

Let’s review what you’re getting in my Ultimate Landscaping Business Start-Up Kit:

Landscaping Start-Up Kit Package

Landscaping - This is what you get for only $47!

The bottom-line is:


LAWN CASH Puts More Cash In Your Pocket

Quicker and Easier Than Many New Business

Opportunities Around Today!


A couple of hours here and there in your spare time equals thousands of dollars in return.


So, if you're struggling with debt, paying your bills, or just want some extra money so you can more fully enjoy life, this is the ultimate opportunity for you.


It puts you (and your loved ones) a step closer to fulfilling your dreams.


And it requires practically zero marketing or technical skills, any start-up investment, and you don't need an existing business to generate sizable profits. I have already done the work for you! You just need to follow my easy step-by-step plan!


This then brings up the question of how much does Lawn Cash cost?  Well, here's good news...



Your Investment Can Be Made Back

With Only Your First Few Sales!


You see, not too long ago I was in the same position as you, struggling to pay the bills each month.  This is why the Lawn Cash Digital Business Kit & Start-Up Package is affordable to those that can really use it.   Your investment is only $47.


This is a tiny fraction of what you're likely to make from your first landscaping job alone.  Moreover, it doesn't require any start-up capital.  You can start by using your own lawnmower!


Virtually no other business opportunity out there can be done so affordably.


But, that's not all. To make it 100% risk-free, you're also backed-up by an 8 week Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee...


Landscaping Money Back Guarantee


You now have zero reasons for not getting your copy right now.  You can only gain.


You can start your own landscaping business and make money today.


Go-ahead and grab your copy now and get started right away by clicking below!


Click to order the Landscaping Business Kit


To Your New Success,

Tagg Hamilton


Landscaping Signature


P.S.  You can literally be up and running in mere hours from now.  Just follow the steps inside Lawn Cash to advertise your landscaping service, get the job, and collect a sizable pay-check! Then, just do it again to double, triple, or even quadruple your profits.  How much you make is controlled by you!  Go-ahead and grab your digital copy right now.

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